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Vacationing Tips For Indonesia In A Small Budget!

What can be more interesting than a destination that has diverse culture, unparalleled wildlife reserves and great natural beauty? Indonesia is sum of all that and much more! For many reasons, South East Asian counties have been fascinating to the west, and if you want a vacation that’s unique and captivating, Indonesia perfectly fits the bill. Check these top places that you must visit on a trip here with ideas on saving on the budget and having more fun in lesser money.

Start with Jakarta

The capital of Indonesia is also the largest one in the country, and the most engaging aspect of this city is its amazing mix of culture and modern developments. There are some great shopping malls here, but at the same time, you will also find street markets with plenty of choices for bargaining. Street food is bliss in Jakarta, and if you want to taste Chinese and Japanese food, there are many choices. In terms of costs, there are backpacking hotels, and for those who want to splurge, the good services never end.


Don’t miss Komodo National Park

Home to the largest lizard alive, the Komodo National Park is mainly known for the Komodo dragon. There are three islands – Padar, Komodo and Rinca that make the park, and most of it is accessible on foot. The dragon is amazing and it’s no less than a dream watching it move on the land. There are guided tours available for Komodo and Rinca, which can help in exploring better. Keep the guide’s tips in mind while traveling, and if you can make time, check the coral islands, which are untouched and in best form.

Don’t miss Komodo National Park

The beauty of Sumatra

Often making headlines for its natural disasters, the island of Sumatra is a world in itself. There are active volcanoes, great jungles, matchless wildlife, and stunning beaches, which make for an exciting holiday. Walking is considered to be an option for most parts of the island, especially when you like trails, so make sure that you have a good pair of hiking shoes. You can head to Bukit Lawang for catching the orangutans in action or opt for a surfing trip in Mentawai islands, the choice is yours. The Padang cuisines is also something you shouldn’t miss by any chance.

The beauty of Sumatra

Fun at Bali

Bali is mainly known for two reasons – Great beaches and Hindu cultural world. This is among the most frequented destinations for global tourists in Indonesia, and it is advisable to book hotels and flights as early as possible for the best deals. The best idea for voyage Indonésie or traveling to Indonesia or Bali is to check for complete packages, which are available in customized option too. Resorts and hotels close to the beaches are obviously expensive, but if you can book early, you can save a good chunk of the costs.

Fun at Bali

Start with your own interests, and Indonesian travel packages will ensure that you get things in budget. Nothing beats the beauty of staying among the best ecosystems in the world.

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