4 Things that are Considered During Child Custody

Getting a divorce is never an easy situation for all of the involved parties. However, if you have children, this may be even more complex. It’s not uncommon for both of the spouses to want full custody of the child. This can be problematic when you’re divorcing. The best defense for you in this difficult situation is to consult with a family lawyer.  Additionally, by knowing specific things that are considered by the court when you’re attempting to get custody of your child may be helpful to you.

Child Custody

Living Arrangements

The place you reside will be carefully examined before the court will grant custody. It’s important to have the living basics that will allow your child to have the best quality of life and health.

These include electricity, water, heating and cooling, as well as a space that is large enough for your kid to live. It’s probable that your residence will be thoroughly scrutinized by the court in this situation.

Child’s Preferences

The court will take into consideration the parent that the child wants to live with all the time. You can expect the judge to ask some or all of the questions listed below to your child:

  1. Is there a parent that you’d prefer to live with more than the other and if so, which one?
  2. Has either of your parents physically abused in you in any way?
  3. Does either of your parents live close to the school you attend?
  4. Why do you prefer to live with this parent?
  5. Do you want to visit the parent you don’t live full-time with at all?
  6. Are you treated well by both parents and feel that your quality of life will be sufficient when living with either of these individuals?

By knowing how your child feels beforehand, this could help you know your chances of getting child custody in some situations.


The amount of money you make can be a determining factor if you will be capable of getting custody or not. You must be able to earn enough to support you and your child. There is a calculation that is typically used in the jurisdiction where you reside.

Medical Records

The court wants the spouse that has full custody of the child to be healthy. This is important because you will be responsible for the raising of this individual.

You will have a more likely chance of getting full custody if you’re a healthy person that has never had a drug or alcohol addiction.  You can count on your medical records being closely looked at if you’re attempting to get custody.

The benefits of being able to obtain custody of your child are many. This will allow you to spend your lives together and have the quality time that’s necessary for any parent and child. However, the first task is to prove this to a court of law for you to have success. Be sure to rely on the expertise of a family lawyer to advise you legally on what to do when obtaining custody of your child today!