5 factors to consider when choosing vaphilia-electronic cigarette

The popularity of e cig among many people is unprecedented. Although that are less than a decade old most people prefer using electronic cigarettes compare to smoking cigarette. This is attributed to the many benefits that one will derive from using the e cig. These are both health and lifestyle benefits. As a result there are many brands and types of e cigs in the market today. Here are some tips to get you started when choosing an electronic cigarette.

electronic cigarette

  1. The simplicity and usability

Since these cigarette were introduced there have been a lot of challenges improving it to be simple and usable. Initially it was quite cumbersome using an e cig. This is because unlike the cigarette when only required a lighter, there was need if filling the heating chamber with the e liquid to be heated. These sometimes led to staining of document and others.  Most recent designs however come with prefilled cartridges which you can simply exchange with the used one. This is simpler and usable compared to the three part e cigar that was complicated.

  1. The quality and durability of batteries

The battery is a component the makes the e cigarette electronic. Just like a cell phone you may need a battery that is able to last you at least a day. This will ensure that you are able to enjoy vaping at any time during the day on a fully charged battery. This is usually calculated at least 300 puffs. It should also be quality to be able withstand the pressure that comes with the movements and other forces.

  1. Should have many charging option

For reliability you should have a Vaphilia – Electronic Cigarette that can be charged using multiple devices. This is especially good when you find yourself in place that you cannot access the computer. Other charging alternative could be the wall adapter and the car adapter. It ensures that you can charge the electronic cig on the go. You will not worry about when you are in a hurry and the charge is running out.

  1. The volume of the smoke

One of the swags that come with this cigarette is watching the smoke escape from mouth into the azure like a cloud. It is therefore better that you check some the reviews that are given on different e cig and determine the smoke volume that is suitable and satisfactory for you.

  1. The life of the cartomizer

This is where almost everything happens. It determines the quality and the quantity of vapor that you will get. Therefore it is good to ensure that the cartomizer that you choose is one that will last for a long time. This is preferably 340 puffs per a cartomizer. In this way you will be able to derive the most out of the electronic cigarette.


With these factors you will be able to have an e cig that works for you. Finally it is always important that you consider the kind of customer care that the company offers. These include being able to accommodate the questions.