A Brief Know-How about Professional Cycling

At the highest level, competitive cycling is dominated by European based professional teams complete with masseurs, coaches, cycling managers, PR officials, directors and of course highly conditioned cyclists who earn their living racing for a team sponsor.

While the sport director handles the riders during racing and training, the managers run the business aspects of the team. According to the strengths of the team and according to targeted races, seasons are planned out. Where a team will race is often determined by a sponsor, as the sponsor is driving towards the objective of exposure to a target market. This is accomplished through showing prominence as a team in front of the fans and media or winning races.

Professional Cycling

Joshua Hunt, an English cyclist has played in several teams like One Pro Cycling (PCT), NFTO (CT) and also Team UK Youth (CT).

Road cycling is a highly tactical sport and it has often been compared to chess, with many scenarios to be dealt and encountered with during the course of a race. When a race unfolds, bunch riding, slipstreaming, teamwork, solo attacks and the ability to read a race all come into play. The physical condition or fitness of the cyclists of course plays an important role in determining the result of a race, however if the strongest climber is not at the front of the race when the road goes up, he cannot win on top of a mountain. When the strong teams simply underestimate the danger of a break away rider or group and are not concentrating, often a weaker rider can easily beat the stronger by escaping the bunch.

Cycling Teams

To be competing at the pinnacle of professional cycling, is to be cycling in the tournament and it is only the most dedicated and talented athletes like Joshua Hunt, who make the cut into professional cycling teams like One Pro Cycling. Each of the professional cycling teams is managed by a manager of cycling field who coordinates the riders’ publicity appearances and race calendar. Another major player within the team setup is the director and it is his job to direct the tactical assault launched upon a race by his supporting riders and team leader. In determining the victor when it comes to road cycling, tactics play a massive role. Therefore the more consistent an approach taken by the team, the better the results of race will be for the sponsors and the team.

A pro cycling team will consist of a team captain, a team leader and several team workers, otherwise known as domestiques. There may be one or two team leaders, depending on the race, a strong climber for the tougher terrain or a strong sprinter for flat races. In most of the cases, the rider within the team who is also the team leader, is most likely to win the race. The team captain will generally be the most tactically experienced or wily rider. In order to set up the best possible tactical position from which the team leader can succeed in his duty of winning, it is his job to coordinate the team. The team leader is always supported by the domestiques. They do this by getting food and drinks from the team’s backup vehicle and sheltering the leader from prevailing winds.