A Guide to Positive Contribution To Society

There are many business experts that take time to help the society at large. They are concerned about the welfare of their fellow human beings and spend their spare time in spreading education and helping the world in charity. One such woman entrepreneur in Honolulu today is Kimberly Wang Dey.

Kimberly Wang Dey

Kimberly is the Founder and the CEO of Number Eight or N8 –an esteemed company in the region. She is the daughter of Charles B Wang and is heavily into business and charitable activities. As a leader and business mentor, she is known for her outstanding leadership and corporate management skills. She is a keen business analyst and has an eye for perfection. She has been instrumental in helping many budding business aspirants teaching them the skills of the trade and how they can hone their special love for business for the benefit of society as a whole.

Her contribution to the business community in the region has been impressive. She has also been awarded with prominent honors and awards. Some of them are “40 under 40”in 2003 and being the finalist of the prestigious “Women Who Mean Business” Award. Besides being a passionate entrepreneur, she is also deeply in love with horses and has established her own horse breeding business. She grooms and cares for the horses. She has also established a college scholarship Program for budding horse riding lovers. The Program is in association with The American Quarter Horse Association.

She is also an accomplished horse rider and has won a number of tournament awards. Her horses too have actively participated in horse riding competitions both in the national and the international arena and have won many awards as well.

Kimberly Wang Dey is not always involved in business deals and expansion plans. She is actively involved in charitable activities especially for children and cross cultural affairs. She has made a number of salient contributions to the society at large and in 2007 became the Chairperson of the Je Jardin Board of Trustees. She is also the Vice-President for The Charles B Wang International Foundation named after her father.  This esteemed Foundation provides financial assistance to local organizations like The Boys and Girl’s Club of Hawaii, the ASSETS School, Le Jardin Academy and more. She has also made a $20 million dollars donation towards the expansion of school projects.

Kimberly Wang Dey is also known for her outstanding leadership and team playing skills. She is an excellent business mentor and at the same time inspires people on how to nurture their business skills and talent. She also has created AdTournament.com where she encourages creative graphic and website designs for companies looking for qualified and unique graphic designers for their business projects. The Company ranks the designers and they are awarded for their winning designs. There is a vote and the winner gets paid well. In this manner, she gives the scope to young people to showcase their talents to the complete business community as a whole. She is a inspiring role model and an effective business mentor in Honolulu today!