A Kickstarter Project for the Movie Pali Road

Independent movies once barely stood a chance against the big picture studios. However, in recent times, the movies that made their start on places like Kickstarter have become nearly as profitable as their big picture rivals. People are now able to find the movies that they actually want to see onscreen, in sharp contrast to the days in which people would just have to accept whatever was available and hope that they could find something that they would actually like.

Pali Road

This Kickstarter project is advertising a film that a lot of people would like to see, featuring actors and actresses that many people will have already heard of:


Pali Road

This film is an amnesia story, and yet it manages to explore the issue with a little more psychological depth than people will usually see in a story like this one. It features a young doctor who finds herself revived and living a completely different life than the one that she remembers. The life she does remember has been all but erased in practice, and the movie is largely about her finding out everything that she is lost.

People who are enthusiastic about being able to see more films featuring strong female protagonists will appreciate this one. Michelle Chen plays the protagonist, and anyone who is familiar with Chinese cinema is going to know and appreciate her work. Hollywood star Jackson Rathbone is another actor here, which should help to illustrate the power of Kickstarter in the modern age. Fans of the 100 will recognize and appreciate the presence of Henry Ian Cusick as well.

Many people are going to feel like the romantic yet psychological story in the film is very promising, and they’re going to be drawn to the film based on its star power. Pali Road is a movie that demonstrates the remarkable state of Kickstarter films today.