These is just a general home for online debate and discussion about current events and news it is aimed to change the way people react to and the interact with the news. It is a project that has been started by Lorenzo J.Santos, about the rhetor he states that it has started un important work of building the back-bone to their website, app and their company at large will support it. For long term success he states that their website should have three things:


Sexy; They aim to give their website and mobile app an attractive and appeal that users will enjoy and also get excited in using it.

Simple; It will provide a user interface that is fun and easy to be used these is one of the most important prioty of the project. Also an aim to make and have features exiting and being new they want to make them intuitive and self-explanatory these will make users focus more on how to leverage the website and mobile app experience for their benefit and less on how it all works.

Scalable; They also want to grow with the demand of their users , these will be accomplished through meeting server requirement demands, keeping up with maintenance requirements and offering un-parallel customer service to resolve any technical issues that may arise.

The website is to be a video commenting a platform that allows users to take a video with their computers, tablets and mobile phones cameras and submit it in lieu of a traditional text. Rhetor is determined to take these to the next level by promoting and introducing “face-posting”.

The success of their project is aimed from the users side, these is through spreading the information on what rhetor is all about. They are currently able to offer the app for iOS but working on the android one

You can support this project and join them at: https://goo.gl/15nyoj