Adhesive Coated Films Manufacturer: An Optimum Solution to Your Needs

The workplace injuries often result from malfunctioning machinery or improper construction, while there are other workplace injuries that result from slips and falls.  Slips and falls injuries, in spite of their simple nature, can be as costly as injuries resulting from more complex scenarios.

adhesive coated film

Slip and fall accidents can occur anytime, anywhere, and even the injured are entitled to compensation. So, companies often look for suitable way to protect their employees from slip and fall injuries. Strategically applying adhesive films and non-slip tape products to areas and equipment where slips and falls commonly occur is the best idea to protect employees from potential slips and falls and reduce workplace injuries.

There are plenty of manufacturers, nowadays, that make adhesives and files for non-slip surfaces. These manufacturers offer adhesive coated films, non-slip tapes, photoluminescent materials, graphics media and other specialty products. Apart from the company owners that want to protect their employees from workplace injuries, the chief customers of these manufacturing firms are the original equipment manufacturers that utilize custom materials in finished goods.

Also, large businesses often choose these manufacturers to make products for private label sale. The simple reason why to buy adhesive coated films from manufacturers over the store is that the development process of the manufacturers offers fast and focused product development as well as an ample, high quality supply of adhesives and non-slip tape products for your use.

Adhesive Coated Film Manufacturer:

As mentioned earlier that you can find plenty of manufacturers that specialize in developing adhesive coated films, non-slip tapes, photoluminescent materials and others. For example, these manufacturers are specialized in developing skateboard grip tape and photoluminescent tapes for emergency exit signals that glow at night. They also manufacture non-slip tapes that are placed on the ground to avoid slip and fall injuries and tapes that are installed in the ground that glow in the dark. Apart from that, these manufacturers offer a range of converting, packaging, and supply chain services so that the customers can get to market very quickly and cost effectively.

What Do They Offer?

Non-Slip Tapes:

Non-slip tapes are used in areas and equipment where slip and falls commonly occur. They provide workplace safety and can be customized to any size to meet your specific requirement. They fit any areas including walkways, stairs, ramps, marine decks etc to reduce injuries and offer visual cues for a safer workplace.

Photoluminescent Films:

You can find manufacturers that specialize in designing photoluminescent films, sheets, and tapes for safety applications, signage, and graphic arts. Photoluminescent films are intrinsically safe and sustainable material which is mainly used as exit signs, safety signs, and egress path markings in buildings, planes, trains, and ships.

Who Can Use Adhesive Coated Products?

These manufacturers generally have tons of customers in many industries. The products offered by these manufacturers are mainly used in industries including manufacturing, safety, transporting, commerce, retail, government, institutions, graphics and advertising, and even in actions sports. These manufacturers are best known for offering product solutions that have optimal performances for each application.

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