All about Australian Tennis and Tournament

Tennis is a very entertaining game and it captures the mind of the viewers through out the game. It is a very interesting game and a great sport that energises the players and also the audience. On around 1877, tennis captured attention in Australia. The sport was not in a much organised state in Australia during that time.

In 1904, the game started to get organised well as a part of the preparation for Davis Cup. The “Australian Lawn Tennis Association” was formed for taking the responsibility of organising tennis in Australia.

Tennis and TournamentThe organisation has its base at Melbourne Park in Victoria, Melbourne. The “Tennis Australia” is the successor of the Australian Lawn Tennis Association. Now it is the governing body of Australian Tennis.

The tournaments that are conducted by the Tennis Australia includes the following mentioned below. Among the all tournaments, Australian open is very famous. All the tournaments are organised well by the Tennis Australia.

Australian Open: This is a major tournament that takes place in January’s last fortnight in Melbourne. This tournament is very successful and has achieved the first position among the 4 Grand slam tennis that happens yearly. The other three tournaments that follow Australian Open in the ranking are the “French open”, the “Wimbledon” and the “US Open”. The different categories present in the Australian Open are given below.

  • Women’s Singles
  • Men’s Singles
  • Men’s doubles
  • Women’s doubles
  • Mixed Doubles
  • Junior Championships

Before 1988, the game was played on grass but since 1988 it has been played on hard court surfaces. This tournament has the second highest attendance. It is the first among the Grand Slam tournament that featured indoor play in case of extreme heat or wet weather. Hisena Arena, Rod Laver Arena and Margaret Curt Arena are the three courts that are equipped with roofs that are retractable for playing comfortably during extreme heat or wet weather.

This tournament was first played in 1905 at Warehouseman’s Cricket Ground in Melbourne. Previously it was called as Australasian championships and then Australian Championships before getting called as Australian Open. The tournament has been staged in 2 New Zealand and 5 Australian cities and this includes Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Hastings and Christchurch form 1905. Kooyong lawn tennis Club of Melbourne was selected to conduct the tournament every year and this decision was taken in 1972 as Melbourne is the city that fortifies Australia.

World tennis challenge: This tournament is conducted in Adelaide of South Australia. It is a three night exhibition tournament that takes place in the week prior to Australian Open Tournament. The tournament was created by Darren Cahill, Jim Courier, Roger Rasheed, Mark Woodforde and Alistair.

Brisbane International: This tournament is owned by Tennis Australia and is played on outdoor hard courts in Brisbane of Queensland. It is held annually just before the Australian Open at Queensland Tennis centre in January.

Hobart International: This is a women’s professional tournament for tennis and is held at Hobart International Tennis Centre situated in Hobert. It is a part of Women’s Tennis Association Tour and has been conducted from 1994.

Sydney International: This is one among the oldest tournaments dedicated for tennis and can be dated back to 1885. It is a tennis tournament that happens in Sydney of Australia. The tournament is conducted annually at the Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre present in Homebush.

Hopman Cup: This is an indoor tennis tournament played on hard court surface. It is an international tournament that is played annually and is also known as Championships.