Alonzo Helps You in Differentiating Scotch and Whisky

If you’re one, among the numerous who don’t have a definite idea and fail differentiating between whiskey and Scotch, instead feeling shy, it’s always better to understand their characteristics well. This will just not help you stay away from people ridicule you in a party but in fact, being a wine lover you can better appreciate a beverage once you know what exactly you’re drinking.


As an expert, Alonzo Pierce , Chairman and President with International Spirit and Beverage Group, one of the largest and leading wine developer and incubator enterprise is ready to help keep you away from sweating in your coming office party by understanding the basic difference between these two popular beverages.

The Baylor University Graduate Alonzo kicked off his career life with Cincinnati, Ohio based US banks. For some years he worked as Marketing and Design Executive in ZO’S Customer Design, Houston, TX. Meanwhile, he also worked for Brown School as its English Teacher. The well known personality in wine and beverages industry entered into this industry joining hands with S.K. Distillers, Texas as a Channel Sales Manager. Subsequently, he joined BLAVOD Extremes Spirits which was then having its Headquarter in Franklin, Tennessee.

As soon BLAVOD group was acquired by the famed wine producing company Sapphire Brands Wines and Spirits headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee, Alonzo automatically became a part of Sapphire, and there he was greeted with the chair of Regional Director, Sales. According to Alonzo Pierce, for the first time in his life, being in the position of sales director, he was highly inspired to boost the sales figure of his assigned region California and notably, he achieved great success in enhancing Sapphire’s sales for both wine and spirit. Prior to joining ISBG Group Alonzo also worked for EMPERIAL AMERICANS, TX as its President and Chief Executive Officer.

Alonzo Pierce who’s a great bonding with wine and beverage industry feels that regardless of a wine lover or an occasional drinker, the awareness about drinks can make their drinking experience more pleasurable and meaningful especially as it comes to the distinction of whiskey and scotch. Whiskey or Whisky is basically a beverage that contains significant percentage of alcohol is distilled out of grains. On the other hand, Scotch is the short form of Scotch whisky and is made in Scotland.

Importantly, any kind of Scotch requires ageing them within oak barrels for a minimum period of three years. This is where the difference lies and makes people perplexed. At the beginning, Scotch was majorly made out of malted barley, which subsequently stretched out its area and big wineries started producing them adding with rye, wheat or whole grains.

Whiskey, on the other hand, made from malted barley or barley, wheat, rye or even out of corn. While producing Scotch, producers follow malting of barley grains that eventually convert into starch. And, importantly, before fermentation, its starch blend turns into sugar. Many wineries used to combine peat that adds a ‘smokier’ flavor and makes Scotch palatable.

Practically, this unique method and its long relatively long procedure of blending makes Scotch ‘kingly’ and ‘costly’ too. No wonder across the world Scotch has its own distinction and adored due to its uniqueness. Those who are desirous to know more about wine products can go through the exclusive blog writings of Alonzo Pierce.