Amazing new horror movie!

Movies are meant to inform, educate and entertain. This is achieved through various themes. Some movies are simply shocking. They portray scenes of violence and torture but still keep us glued to the screen as we ask ourselves ‘’what happens next?” This is exactly the case with this compelling movie-‘Serial Killer’. Just as the name suggests, the movie involves ugly and disturbing scenes of torture that will keep you sympathizing with the victims. Here is the review.

Horror movie

Serial Killer movie is produced by Paul Pastore. The movie begins by showing a lady who is crying for help in pain as the serial killer looks on and he mocks her situation. The man ironically tells her that he is there to celebrate the arrival of a new subject in their school and also to meet ‘justice’.

The justice in question turns out to be torture, rape, murder and all forms of harassment. A disturbing scene of a lady bleeding profusely is shown. Her face has been damaged badly. Her legs have been tied together with a rope, meaning that she is totally helpless. The torture room itself is dark and it is evident that there is no way out because any possible outlet is either closed or is guarded heavily. We cannot help but to feel for her.

The young girl is not alone in this horrifying school of Serial Killers. We see other men lying on the floor, bleeding terribly with their faces perforated with all manner of sharp objects. It is a very bad situation as the serial killers continue to perpetrate these heinous acts.

As she continues to suffer in pain, her relatives, especially her mother is very much worried about her missing. She is out to look for her but ironically, she is not in company of the police. As she drives on, her friend encourages her not to worry.

We also see more scenes of men and women bleeding as one serial killer raises his pistol ready to shoot them.

This captivating movie ends in great suspense as we are left wanting to know what happened to the girl and other victims. Were they rescued?

It is coming soon and this will definitely go viral!

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