Avoid Feline Hypothyroidism that Slow Poisons Your Pet Towards Death

If you’ve got a pet, there are obviously some responsibilities that come with the growing love you show. And if it’s a pet cat, then the amount of care to be taken, sums up for these cats have the tendency of falling ill frequently. And one such chronic disease that keeps affecting them is feline hypothyroidism. Primarily, it were the wild cats who were found to be affected by this disease, but with every passing day, even the domestic pet cats are also found to be prone to the feline hypothyroidism.

Feline Hypothyroidism

The thyroid gland situated in the neck, is generally stimulated to produce the hormones by the pituitary gland, as it is with human beings. The release of TSH or the thyroid stimulating hormone is a great factor that controls whether an entity will be affected with feline hypothyroidism or not.

It is a physical condition where the TSH level in the body is pretty low and as a result of it, it fails to produce the T3 triodothyronine and T4 thyroxine. The importance of the thyroid gland is not new to anyone and it’s responsibility for maintaining the metabolism of the body is significant enough. The problem lies in when the cat gets affected with it and feline hypothyroidism is the last thing to be diagnosed, delaying the necessary treatment.

Some of the most common symptoms of hypothyroidism found normally in pet cats are constant weakness, dizzinesses, acute constipation, muscle cramps and litter tray accidents. Hypothyroidism is generally considered to be caused by the Hashimoto’s disease, or generally known as the autoimmune disease, which really doesn’t inform you much other than indicating that the condition is pretty serious and systemic.

So primarily the first thing that needs to be done, is to know the causes so that the preventive measures can be taken at the earliest. The veterinary answer that http://felinemedicalcenter.com/ provides for feline hypothyroidism is to medicate the pets with some hormone replacements. This is one such remedy that might take the control of the deteriorating situation soon, but that’s not dealing with the main cause. It means that similar conditions might arise again and things might be even worse.

There are multiple factors that accelerates the cause of feline hypothyroidism, and they in the long run actually suppress the immune system. Most common causes that end up in resulting feline hypothyroidism are the fluorine water, commercial cat foods and the improper medication that is provided to the pets for a long course of time. Most of the commercial cat foods available in the market are manufactured by corporations who keep their aim on their bottom line rather than on the health of the cat.

Moreover the catchy tag line on these products seem to allure you in buying them, and even the cat seems to enjoy it, but what disappears is the nutritional value. Even the aluminum fluoride used in the packaged water actually ends up in mimicking the TSH without producing T3 or T4 hormone at all. So the best way to prevent your cat from falling trap to this, is by providing with evolutionary diet and filtered water straight from the tap.

Most of the veterinary medication that works actually results in suppressing the immune system. Although they have the tendency to palliate immediately, they’re not the permanent solution to this. It’s the holistic health care that acts the best.