Basic Guide On How To Get A UK IP Address

First of all, let us have a quick grasp over internet and IP addresses. Each computer when connected to the internet is given a number unique to itself. This number is its IP address. It works like your cellular number but for your internet. This unique address is only for your computer and your ISP (local provider). There are many instances wherein people want to surf anonymously.

You may want to access some other country’s IP address so as to get access into their web world and channels online. Also, you may want to keep your credit card information safe and protected by surfing anonymously. This enables you to bypass security levels and get access to information and allow transfer of files through using a proxy IP address.


Also, you can catch a better speed at your internet and bring the web world experience of UK into your home computer. You need not change anything from your existing broadband or internet plans. Let us say you are trying to make an online purchase from your homeland on a UK based site. Your bank does not allow the transaction as it is location of purchase is overseas. While you have legitimately fulfilled all the criteria to qualify for that purchase, you are still kept at bar and this can get frustrating for you or anyone. So all you need to do is learn how to get a UK IP address through VPNs to get the required legitimate access.

VPN server Vs Proxy Server

While proxy server allows surfing throughout the internet just from your browsers like Explorer, Chrome, Firefox etc, it does not really allow other applications of your PC to get anonymous surfing experience. Proxy IP address will only hide your IP address with the help of another anonymous IP address. This works in a little different way than VPN. In the case of VPN service, you entire internet, computer, all its applications and everything is getting a new IP address altogether which is why it is called as Virtual Private Network.

With a VPN set up on your computer you can get better access to the global web world with higher security of your privacy. This is how network sharing of files and other information between computers situated locally works, in a nutshell. Now you can browse the web anonymously using a VPN service. You can, by all means, get yourself a UK IP address to browse and connect with the internet channels in UK like BBC network etc. You can also bring your VPN to your workplace where you have probably limited access to certain websites. This will let you browse anonymously while giving you full access to all UK web pages.

Encryption of data is done when you set up a VPN which looks after all your privacy related queries and keeps your anonymity intact. Everything which is accessed from your computer is not going to be from a UK perspective. When you know how to get a UK IP address you will see how easy it is to set up a VPN without disturbing your current internet contract.