Be a part of “Keep Film Alive”

Film is the most powerful medium of all which can shape not even the lives but also the minds of people. However, over the period of time, the medium of film has gone in to a sort of background due to advent of other media. In order to revive the film stocks, the Hollywood film directors support Kodak which has recently signed the supply agreements with 6 Hollywood studios. This will definitely help revive the traditional techniques and ways of cinema.

Keep film alive

For the purpose of switching back to the film, the initial step is to raise funds. It has been estimated that a sum of 30,000 dollars is required to produce a stock of film which will be ultimately used in Hollywood. In the next step, 250,000 to 500,000 dollars will be required to meet other financial needs like Insurance and legal expenditures.

It is not just the monetary assistance that will be required but the moral support is equally important. If you believe in volunteer work, it is appreciated to join the team as a volunteer and support the cause of “Keep Film Alive”. Yes! You can make a clear difference by joining hand with the famous Hollywood personalities and bring about a positive change in the campaign.

As for example, if you are an entrepreneur running a transportation company, you may come forward and help in commuting the crew and equipment from one place to another. Just like Indiegogo which supported the campaign of “Keep Film Alive” you can also become a part of the winning team. Being an entrepreneur, you are privileged to do a lot in the form of printing T-shirts and other garments with the message of “Keep Film Alive”. Whatever path you adopt, it is totally up to yourself and you will be proud of your effort at the end of the day.

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