Be Smart With Your Investments!

As a prudent investor, you need to be cautious while choosing the appropriate investment scheme that suits your needs. There are numerous investment plans available in the market and almost all of them claim to yield attractive returns. Choosing the right investment scheme from such options can easily get you confused unless you can ascertain what your investment goals are. Moreover, you need to determine your risk tolerance as there is always an element of risk in all investment schemes. For most people, this is certainly a difficult task, which is why they hire the services a professional investment strategist. Such an expert has the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to help you in this endeavor.


Amit Raizada is one such reputed investment strategist from the United States. He has assisted many individuals and corporate enterprises in devising the right investment strategies for their investment portfolios. He is the CEO of Spectrum Business Ventures, which he established in 2002. Today it is one of the foremost investment companies in America.

Amit emphasizes that investment needs of two distinct individuals are never similar. This why he gives all his clients a patient hearing to ascertain their investment needs and expectations when they meet him for the first time. This gives him the opportunity to determine their individual profile and income-earning capacity before devising an appropriate investment strategy. He goes the extent of critically analyzing their present investment portfolio before suggesting innovative investment schemes to maximize their returns. Even when suggesting such investment schemes he will ensure risk factors of such schemes are minimum! This is the reason why he is the most sought-after investment strategist in America today!

Amit Raizada was born in India but his parents migrated to America when he was two years old. At a very early age, he developed an interest for Economics and Business. Amit always wanted to be an entrepreneur and manage his own business. His parents and family members always supported his passion for entrepreneurship. Amit went to Michigan State University to study Economics, from where he graduated. In the early stages of his career, Amit was associated with a number of telecom companies. He soon specialized in investment consulting and provided valuable consultancy services to companies like T-Mobile, Nextel and Verizon.

Amit’s talents have been a catalyst in the success of Spectrum Business Ventures in America. The team of investment experts and staff at Spectrum Business Ventures admire Amit Raizada for his in-depth knowledge of financial markets. He takes personal care of the clients who come to seek his advice and guidance on their investment portfolios. In any investment strategy he devises for them, he makes it a point to ensure that they get the maximum returns at minimum risks. He also advises his clients to try out new and innovative schemes in the market but not without reading the terms and conditions of the scheme. Most of the investment professionals in this firm look up to him as role model.

Investment is a matter of personal discretion and you need to take such decisions prudently. Seeking the advice and guidance of investment experts like Amit Raizada is a step in the right direction.