Benefits of Using Promo Pens as Marketing Tools

This is a competitive world that we live in and there are tons of competitors in just about any kind of business. In order to make your business stands out among the competitors, brand’s recognition is very important. There are several different ways to achieve this goal involving many different advertising channels, depends on the method you choose, the results will be vary.


Many of these advertising strategies involve a lot of money, but there are also some effective ways to market your brand without spending too much money, one of them is by using promotional products.

Using promotional products such as Pens with logo as a way to familiarize your brand to the mass is actually has been done since a long time ago, but this is still a very effective and efficient way to promote a business name. Despite of being a much cheaper advertisement channel, the impact of these Promo Pens for your brand name can be very significant.

Below are some of the main benefits of using personalized pens for introducing your brand name:


Compared to other marketing channels such as TV or Internet commercials, personalized pens are much affordable. Not many small businesses have a budget to put up a commercial on TV or even on the internet, but everyone can afford to purchase promotional pens, simply because they are pretty cheap.

There are many places where you can go to purchase these promotional pens, but usually you can get a better deal when you buy online. If you order in bulk you can even make more savings. Some sellers already include the customization fees in their offering price, but some others will charge you a small fee to add your brand name on the pens.

It’s a great thing that today you can find lots of promo pens sellers on the internet, unlike the old days where you have to go from one retailer to another.


One thing that makes promo pens a highly effective marketing tool is because pens are something that everyone need, they can be used and needed by a lot of people from different age groups, from the first graders to senior citizens. A functioning promotional item is an effective promotion, because as long as these items are still useable, people will use them and carry them around, thus they will be seen by many. Unlike leaflets or brochures that mostly will just end up in trash cans.

Many Varieties

With promotional pens you can also target people from specific age groups. For example if you target children, you can choose promo pens with cartoon characters, if you target females you can choose promo pens with certain colors or perhaps the ones with fashionable design, if you target business people you can choose something that looks elegant and not too stand out, etc.

There are so many varieties of promotional pens, not just in shapes, but also price ranges. No matter how much your advertisement budget, you can always find promotional pens that you can afford.