Brace Yourself For Ultimate Comedy Film With thie Indiego Project

You must have seen one of the most popular TV talent shows, Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) some time or the other. One of the best comedy contestants to come up on BGT’s stage was Ivor who appeared on the show several times and made people laugh like crazy.

Ivor is now working on a great comedy film as it is his passion to entertain people, make them laugh and bring a smile on their face. Though the principle filming has already started, Ivor is still trying to raise funds to complete it just as he wants to.


Titled ‘Oh No! Ivor the Dance King tries to save the World!’ it marks the story of Ivor himself who is making a comedy film about the vengeance that some chickens seek by attacking humans. However, when making the film, the entire cast and crew face an evil force which is trying to transform everyone into monsters and Ivor tires to save them all, hence the title.

A scene from this film must have also been viewed by many people on the BGT 2016 audition performance where Ivor tries to make a bad film about chickens attacking human beings.

Sci-Fi film

Ivor is also known for creating a science fiction film named ‘The Age of Doom’ which tells a story of Earth being attacked by one race of aliens while another race sends their own to protect Earth while battling with the bad aliens! Being a 2 hour film, it has been shot in high definition video and is a delight to watch.

You can contribute $15 to watch the Age Of Doom, or just as little as $2. And if you manage to pay $1,500, you can be a Senior Executive Contributor. The campaign has a goal of reaching $75,000. However, it still hasn’t received any backers, at the time of writing this post.

You can support this project and join them at:–6#/