Brief about Cydia and Cydia Installer

For many the name would be unknown “Cydia”, it’s a manager mobile app available for iOS which let the Apple user to find and install software packages on jail broken Apple devices like iOS, iPad, iPod etc. An alternative to Apple’s app store which specializing in the distribution that is not available on app.

Jailbreaking is generally utilized in connection with the iPhone. It lets you install apps and that is when Cydia download can help you install software packages to your iOS devices.

Brief about Cydia

In February month; year 2008, an alternative to the on OS 1.1 was released. Developed by Freeman, the 3rd party introduced was named “Cydia”.

Cydia is an open source option for installing 3rd party apps and it was actually released months before Apple released their first ever version of the App Store.

In the year 2009, this app had a soaring popularity which reached around 4 million downloads, about 10% of the number of people who owned Apple devices that time.

Software Packages Available Through Cydia Installer

There are some of the standard applications and extensions for the apps and interface in the iOS are available through Cydia download. Now that new iOS 11 update is out, to get Cydia download you need to check out the installation process here:

Cydia download for new iOS version 11.1 could be the dream come true for the jailbreak operators. So, if you are upgrading your device to iOS 11.1.; the update will automatically delets the 3rd party app – Cydia Installer. Majority of the tweaks and apps are deleted under this new upgrade.

With the help of cydiamate tool you can install Cydia with the features on iOS 11.1. What you can do is

  • You can use a Safari browser that directly downloads the Cydia app to your device without the help of computer.
  • Another technique is of using Pangu Jail break tool for jailbreaking; this is compatible with iOS11.

Please take note that, this works only on jailbreak phones. To jailbreak there is a link to follow where you can follow the necessary steps to unlock your iphone and download Cydia.

Once Cydia download is done, you will see it loading a welcome screen. In case if you haven’t run Cydia for some time, or whether it’s your first time you may get several notifications of essential upgrades. These upgrades to the Cydia app are the one which might require for installing new apps and packages.

After you are done with your “Essential Upgrades”, you will require restarting your device to ensure that the new packages are uploaded properly and for the same you will see few notifications showing next to the changes menu.

Cydia is believed to be compatible with every single Apple model of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, provided it can be jailbroken. The popularity continues to grow as more and more developers join in and develop their own tweaks however it is not limited for Apple users but other users too can have fun.