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Almost every child fantasies some or the other animal as his friend and foe. Cats, dogs, pigs and frogs hold a special place in overall imaginations of kids. Online portal like keeps a complete range of Cat Stories for little kids. The site gives huge discounts even on the latest editions of kid`s story books.

cat story booksNelly and tojo cat tales are amongst the most favorite stories of kids. The printed cartoons tend to all the more capture the attention of your little babies. The story book is published by the Maria and the real source of inspiration and writer of this series is Tamara forge. The adventures of real life are brought to life by prolific illustrator and artist like Nana buduli. Although the book is written so as to maintain the interest of kids, but can be also relished by cat lovers of all ages. No matter what your age is, you can readily gift this book to your friends.

By narrating the story to your kid, you tend to create a distinct bond between you and your kid. The psychological and physical intimacy generated by you because of story narration will make your child feel loved. Apart from that, you tend to instill moral values within the baby by illustrating him multiple incidences. The moral values that you instill within the baby right from his childhood tend to remain with him for eternity. For instance; a child who is taught to call a wolf of telling lies does not usually lies or make joke on people.

You can buy all categories of story books from The bed time story books help your kid to have a better sleep. With so many images and attractive figures, children can fancy moon as source sleep and stars as fairies.