Campaign to Help Give a Missionary the Truck He Needs

There are times when someone sets out to help others and to better their lives without thinking about their own self and all that they need. There are some who will look out for others in a way that they will not look out for their own self. There is a man who is a missionary in the Philippines who is looking to get set up with a truck, not because he wants the truck for himself, but because the truck will help him to better serve those who are looking for his help. This man deserves to have all of the help possible in regard to his mission to look out for others because he has given so much to those who need his support and care.

The man who is ministering to those in the Philippines has some very special needs when it comes to the truck that he wants, and he is asking for a truck that has some features in particular. This man wants to get set up with something that is going to best help him as he works to help others. The mission truck that he is seeking should be newbecause he needs for it to last and he does not think that he would have proper help in caring for it while he is in the Philippines. This man is looking for a truck with power to get him everywhere he would like to go. The truck that he is seeking out should be one that is going to meet all of his needs.

Those who are interested in helping this man as he helps others can give toward the purchase of his new truck. There is a Generosity campaign going on where anyone can step in and help this man get set up with a new mission truck.

You can join or support them at: