Tips for Caring Your Stabled Horse

Some of us seem to have a natural affinity with animals, and a great desire to show them the proper love and care that they deserve.

Choosing an equestrian approach in your hobby or career path gives you the opportunity to work with the one of the world’s most intelligent and majestic creatures; horses.

Stabled HorseThis beginner’s guide may seem like common sense, but hopefully it helps you to understand a little more about the responsibilities involved in caring for these noble animals.

For anyone who might be interested in this amazing role, here’s some helpful information on the basics of caring for stabled horses.

Not many people outside of the equestrian field know how specific horse dietary needs are, but their digestion works in a rather unique way.

We want to care for these beautiful animals in the best way possible, so understanding their insides will help keep them healthy and happy, inside and out.

Unlike us, horses don’t work so well on 3 big meals a day. Their systems are actually more suited to have smaller amounts of food, but on a more regular basis. Much like other wild animals like cows and sheep, they graze over the course of the day.

It’s vital then, that your care means two food visits each day to their stable, to make sure that they still have enough to eat.

Horses need lots of water, but they don’t drink as often as they eat. They’ll usually spend a few minutes drinking a lot, but only a few times a day.

They can’t roam around and eat grass like other horses so it’s your job to meet their needs when it comes to their shelter.

A good comfortable stable is what they need to relax. But for those who do not have specific place for them can also try field shelters.

Mobile field shelters are getting much popular as they don’t need and type or permission for building.

Moreover as these are moveable and not permanent it can be moved from one place to another according to the needs.

Giving them feed is important, but also giving them hay in the morning and afternoon helps their digestive pattern and even stops them getting bored.

Great care for a horse starts with putting its mind and body above all else, even your own personal boredom or routine.

Feeding your horse just from start is good and thus you need to know all about feeding miniature horses and about how to take good care of them.

Working so closely with them, and caring for them properly is hard work, but the reward and bonds you’ll form will be priceless.