Dark Comedy Exploring Midlife Issues for Women

When a woman reaches a certain age, she can go through a time that is hard for her, a time that is dark. There are some movies and books that are out there that touch on that, and there is a dark comedy that is being created that goes along with that. The comedy that is being put together is something that is different, something that offers a new view on things. This movie is something that many will enjoy, something that they will find interesting and special. Ledge Dweller: A Woman’s Midlife Story is something is a different kind of story and it is something that many will find applicable to their own lives and that many will be able to identify with.

Dark Comedy

When someone sits down to watch a movie, they want that movie to offer something that is special and something that will draw them in. This movie provides the viewer with a story line that is unique. In this movie, a woman connects with a little person. The two of them have a relationship that is special to them, and the movie is special because of that relationship. This is a film that shares of a woman who does many things in order to try to push herself through the midlife issues that she is facing, and it is the story of a woman who has a very special relationship in her life.

There are some films that are different and that stand out. Ledge Dweller: A Woman’s Midlife Story is one of those. Those who would like to see this movie make it and succeed can help to push it along by giving to the Kickstarter campaign that is going on. They can support the movie and help it to become all that it is meant to be.

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