Demand Force Offering Enhanced Service to Clients

The Demand Force SaaS had been designed for helping customers in growing revenue, retaining clients, maintaining online reputation, and managing processes more successfully. The focus of demand Force is mainly on businesses that are small to medium sized Its focus is on providing email, cell phone and social tools for helping SMBs in communicating with their clients and driving higher growth and retention in their businesses. The SAAS application of Demand Force mechanizes internet advertising and communications, letting customers concentrate on get on with their routine operations. Demand Force is among the portfolio companies of Benchmark’s.

Demand Force

The source of a reminder for an appointment that your personal dentist text is likely to be the company named Demand Force. This is a company that targets loads of high-service local slots that are resource- confined and basically family owned such as doctors, dentists, bakeries, hair salons, eateries and countless others.

Intuit, which is a startup and is profitable, has a number of clients across the service verticals that consist of automotive repair, dental care, salons, spas, chiropractors, & others. Intuit has recently acquired advertising SaaS Company Demand Force.

According to Kiran Patel, who is the executive general manager and vice president of Intuit Small-Business firm, Demand Force is firmly seated at the sweet spot of the SMB client base of Intuit and is in harmony with their objective of helping their clients save their time and make capital. He added that with the help of a convincing client value plan, model of SaaS and high development profile, DemandForce is going to supply prospect of growing the client base and returns for each customer of Intuit with passing time.

Benchmark is the greatest institutional sponsor of Demand Force. It is to be noted here that Demand Force concentrates on local specialized groups and has opted to maintain an calculatedly low profile and this strategy of theirs has served them excellently.

An acclaimed Becnhmark partner, had written down a remarkable note on this acquisition, divulging that the firm had not even announced that Benchmark is a sponsor of the company, which according to him is extraordinary. He adds that the team at Demand Force has always had the feeling that the concentration ought to be on the client and not on the company.

So what is reason behind the acquisition of demand Force by Intuit? The thing that Intuit sees in DemandForce is a way of boosting up its personal business that focuses on SMBs. In excess of 60% of the revenue that Intuit make is hailing from mobile and online services and these are inspired by products such as GoPayment and TurboTax online.

Once this transaction comes to its conclusion, Demand Force is going to turn into a division in the Small Business Group of Intuit.