Different Ways How To Farm FFXIV GIL

FFXIV GIL is a currency used in the game of Final Fantasy XIV.It is really a great game for the players to have fun and spend some good hours.


Here are few different ways how you can farm FFXIV GIL

Challenging log is the great way to get FFXIV GIL but it is only for those who have reached level 15. You have to do the quest rising to the challenge which is to unlock the challenge lock. It will give you few challenges and on completing them you get bonus.

If you are looking for ways how to farm ffxiv gil then the simplest way can be to do quests. Although it is a simple way yet most of the players ignore it. In this the side story quest rewards you ffxiv gil and you also get the option to choose other items.

Crafting can again be a good option to go with for farming ffxiv gil. But it is a bit boring and hence is only good for those who love crafting.

You can even go for gathering process. It is simple again and does not require any cost.

You can even buy ffxiv gil online. There are sites that allow you to buy cheap ffxiv gil and enjoy your game to its fullest.