DIY Rattan Furniture Repair

Rattan furniture is a stylish way of decorating your outdoors or even your patio. It is widely used and is very popular these days. Rattan furniture is also very comfortable and welcoming for guests and gives your home interiors a subtle note of old-world charm.

It is tasteful, functional and can be used to decorate any living space in your home interiors. Rattan furniture has an antique finish which gives it a look of a different era altogether while transporting you to the time gone by.


While the rattan furniture is durable and extremely versatile in its usage, this furniture is predominantly outdoorsy which keeps it exposed to sunlight, dust, damages and rain. Due to long term weathering, this furniture also gets damaged in the longer run and over a period of time you may also notice some cracks or stains and splits as well as molds on it.

Keeping it in good condition is therefore much important. You can either do the maintenance yourself at home or if you do not want to risk your furniture you can always hire Rattan furniture repair in Dubai for this purpose. They are good in dealing the furniture professionally and helps in getting them repaired fast without wasting your time and money.

However if you want to care for your furniture yourself, here are few tips on how to do your rattan furniture repair on cracks and splits.

If you use raw oil instead of boiled one then the material will probably not absorb much and end up in making it dry. However hot oil will absorb quickly and make your furniture swells and cover the cracks and splits while reducing its visibility. It will also ensure that your furniture is not exposed and prevented from any further damage. Therefore you can do your rattan furniture repair at home by using these tips.