Dominant Role Model In The US Hotel Industry!

The Pan Pacific Hotels Group- one of the most widely acclaimed hotel chains across the globe is fortunate to have a leader like Patrick Imbardelli. Thanks to the hard work and sincere efforts of Patrick, this hotel chain is a strong force to reckon with in the hotel industry. The name invokes both quality and trust. Patrick is the ideal motivator and leader with decades of valuable experience under his belt.

Hotel Industry

The secrets of success…

Patrick says that there is no short-cut to success. It involves passion and love for what you do in life. For him people have always been a passion and this is why he imbibed this love in his profession. Patrick Imbardelli says that he had always a fascination for the hotel and hospitality industry for a very long time. This is the reason why his love for his work reflects in his attitude and approach towards his valuable guests and customers.

Experience counts

Patrick says that the hotel industry is a challenging one where you need to be alert and informed. You will have different types of people walking in. They have different levels of expectations and some may also be hard to please. Patrick says that the above are part of the hospitality industry and you can never master the skills to make your customers and guests happy overnight. It takes experience and learning from mistakes that help you to grow and evolve.

When new recruits join the hotel and hospitality industry, Patrick is always ready to help them cope with the challenges in the beginning. He is an approachable mentor and guide. This is what makes him popular and widely respected in the hotel industry too. Managing difficult customers or guests is a major challenge but with the passage of time the interpersonal skills of every person develops to win over such customers or guests to their side. He says patience and being open to every situation counts to be perfect.

Importance of customer support and service

Patrick says that customer service skills means you should be ready to go the extra mile when it comes to supporting your guests and providing them the assistance they deserve. Though the hotel industry is difficult, it is important for you to make every effort to exceed the expectations of the guests. This makes the guest loyal and he/she will always come back to you. Thanks to his guidance and inspirational training, the Pan Pacific Hotels Group has been the recipient of a number of awards both nationally and internationally.

Patrick Imbardelli is one of the most successful leaders in the hotel industry today. Armed with over 30 years of rich experience he is an asset to the industry today. He is a dynamic leader with a passion for people. His presence itself is a major source of strong motivation and inspiration for those who know him professionally and personally. He holds a dominant presence in the hotel and hospitality industry today. He is a positive role model and a man of deep integrity and trust!