Easiest and Fastest Way of Smoking

A hookah is an instrument for vaporizing and smoking flavored tobacco called shisha. It may be single or multi-stemmed tobacco pipe with a long, flexible tube by which the smoke is drawn through a jar of water and thus cooled. It has variety of names in different regions of the world like in Pakistan it is “Huqqa”, in Maldives it is “Gudugudaa”, in Afghanistan it is “Chillim”, in Philippines its “Hitboo” and many more such names. With technological advancement, hookah has also transformed itself a lot, from time to time. From an old antique and big hookah to the newly shaped and compact aqua modern hookah.


These days hookah pen is very common in market. Hookah pen is an electronic vaporizer for smoking tobacco and is a kind of electronic cigarette. Electronic hookahs are also flavored ones but they do not contain tar or smoke, just like the old traditional ones. Electronic hookahs are also known as e-hookah, e-shisha or hookah pen. These pens come in a disposable and reusable forms which means they can be disposed off very easily and they have rechargeable battery as well as flavor cartridges to replace the old with a new one, thereby increasing its durability period. With increased features, they also have increased number of looks that a company offer like many companies offer this electronic pen in a traditional avatar while others offer it with a more modern touch.

As these hookah pens are not toxic for health because they do not contain tar, thus, they are harmless and contain products like Propylene Glycol and Glycerine which are generally used in daily consumable products. Hence, this product is environment as well as user friendly. Though hookah pens are purposely made for smoking but this smoking device usually don’t harm anyone and gives you the feeling of complete smoking. In one package you get a lot for a larger duration of time than a normal traditional hookah and they are so compact that you can carry them with you anywhere. Its affordable prices also don’t make you hesitant to buy them.