Electronic Marketing and Social Media

The social networks are definitely shaping our reality in the ways that nobody would have predicted only a decade ago. There are 1.80 billion users of social media networks and there are 1.5 billion users of Facebook among them. Therefore, it is obvious to see that mastering the social media and the electronic marketing is a matter of survival for new and old businesses alike. The times are changing and you need to keep up. These are the facts and figures published at the Statista website. There are different approaches to these types of marketing and here are some of them.

Social media

Email Marketing

To begin this pretty basic way of marketing, you need to get the customers to sign up for your newsletter list. Once you get them to do that, you will send out the notifications about new products, discounts and sales. All these info need to be relevant and they should never come across as spam.

Search Engine Optimization

The entire strategy is based on the fact that you need to attract as many customers as possible to your website. You do that by utilized many techniques so that Google finds your site as one of the most relevant websites on the given keywords. That is what makes SEO so great.  Business owners usually hire SEO experts to do this for them.

Content Marketing

This is more or less an umbrella term. It involves all the methods of marketing that are based on creating and sharing content. In this way, people are attracted to the brand and the content that is related to a business and they turn into clients. Content marketing is not about selling things to people, as much as it is about sharing content. Its goal is to earn loyalty and strong base of customers. Once those people are turned into customers, they are more likely to become returning customers and to recommend the business in question.

Social Media Marketing

To start with your social media campaign, you need to be present at all major social media platforms and you need to be constantly online and present. This is the fastest way to communicate with your clients. This type of marketing involves content marketing and it helps the SEO efforts on your behalf. All the videos, statuses, discount coupons and infographics should be shared across the social media and the awareness will grow.

AdSense Marketing

If you think about your website as of a property, then you should think about Google AdSense ads as of big billboards on your properties. It is a pay per click method in which Google pays you for every click on an ad that is posted on your website. Also, you can utilize this to put your ad on other people’s websites, as well. This is a very popular and growing type of marketing.

Combination with Traditional Methods

It seems that the best idea is to combine the traditional with the new, online strategies. One of the great ways to do so, is to organize contests on the social media. Your posts and the contests may go viral and you may get some serious traffic from it. The prize should not be something overly pricey or big. A nice, custom USB that looks really cool can be inspiration enough for many people to answer a simple question and think about a new tag line for your company or a new product.

The type of the marketing approach that you are about to use depends largely on the type of business that you own. Coffee shops and restaurants, as well as other social gathering places are more frequented by the social media, while a hardware store would benefit mostly from good SEO that will bring them customers that search for specific tools.