Experience The Emotions Unfold With Electronic Art’s FIFA 15 Game

The FIFA 15 is incredibly intelligent-at least the claims from EA say so. The video released by Electronic Arts shows the brilliance of Artificial Intelligence and dynamic enhancement in the game. The players show a lot of emotions and gestures on the field.

FIFA 15.The attitude of all the 22 players is now tracked and is controlled by the events on the field. For instance, if the team misses the goal, the players show real emotion and express themselves through different gestures. The dynamics of the game has also been completely revamped.

The player model has been changed and looks for toned and realistic. The overall result is overwhelming. Coming back to the artificial intelligence, there are various highlights of the game that require special mention.  The locomotion in the game also sees a lot of advancements.

  • An optimized dose of AI and change in the dynamics have brought the game closer to reality.
  • The build-up of emotion in the players and the crowd clearly shows as the game progresses.

Other glaring changes in FIFA 15

The bar has been set very high with the FIFA 15 games. Every detail like facial expression, gestures by the players, bench and the crowd have all been worked upon. A big moment in the game look like one when the crowd, the bench and the team show their enthusiasm and support. The crowd can be seen with the club flag and raising it every time, their club secures a goal, penalty kick, etc. Furthermore, the animation has also seen many updates.

A slide made by players leaves a sign on the grass and also on the jersey and the kit of the players. Each and every element in the game is now AI driven. The commentary has also been made realistic with the commentator speaking about the player, crowd reactions and much more. The reactions from the crowd, bench and the team on the ground are all tied up so brilliantly that a big match looks like a big match.

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