Experience The Pleasure Of Exploring The Golan Heights with Ido Keynan

If you like to explore new things then The Golan Heights is one of the most attractive places for you and you should necessarily see it at least once in your life because the actual beauty of this place cannot be described in words.

If you will visit this place then you will see what it has to offer you. Basically, this place is a complete package of adventure for the people who have interest in the exploration of new things. This place is also called Golan or the Syrian Golan because of its highlighting facts. This place is located in the region of the Levant.

Levant region is not considered as its exact region because it is defined as The Golan Heights in various different disciplines. There are so many things that can catch your interest and here I am sharing with you some of the most important and most highlighted things that you should never miss if you are going to this place.


Golan Heights Winery: If you want to see the significant change of the science in The Golan Heights then you should necessarily visit this place.

Banias Waterfall: If you like waterfalls then this is one of the most interesting places for you because it possesses amazing beauty of water falling from the mountain.

Mount Bental: Here you will see stunning views and sceneries of The Golan Heights.

Nimrod Fortress: Here you would need to buy special visitor ticket to explore the beauty of this place.

Gamla National Park: Apart from the naturally described beauty in this place, Gamla National Park will allow you to see and explore amazing history and architecture of this place.