Feel the beat of music with PURE ENERGY

The PURE ENERGY is an international live band that is spreading its magic in many part of the world including Korea, China, Singapore, Philippines, Morocco, Dubai and Portugal. Their amazing music usually brings the joy up to the greatest level and their amazing eclectic sound beats fill the energy in the listener’s minds.


This band is well known for their amazing electric sounds in HipHop, R&B, Dance and EDM etc. These are some of the highly preferred genre by the youngsters and this band seems to be gaining perfection in all these genres.

This band has really very amazing biography and each member of this band holds unique skill that makes the band complete. The five members of this band are possessing really very amazing variety of skills which are just astonishing!

H-Rocis famous for his amazing rapper skills, Fatboy Tony is really very good drummer, Radio is a vocalist and also he have the talent of a rapper, Ricardo is a well-known and highly appreciated bassist, and Jupiter P is remarkable keyboardist. All of them make a perfect band and their works for the help of mankind and earth is also remarkable.

Recently, the PURE ENERGY band entitled the annual “SAVE THE WILD TIGER” Ball. They have taken a step forward to keep the tigers safe and to protect their living so that they don’t completely blink out of existence in future times. They also attended the historic event where PURE ENERGY live band got a chance to perform live with the amazing stars Joe Flizzow, SonaOne, and Waris!

And then, for the first time, Radio3000 & the H-Roc came on the stage and performed together! In short we can say that this simply rocking band has no limit of its adorability. Their deeds are melting people’s heart and their music is rocking the world!