Few Easy Steps To Fix A Broken Orthodontic Bracket

Any orthodontic patient can face the common problem of broken orthodontic bracket while wearing any traditional braces. There are many reasons for which the wires and brackets break and some common causes include eating wrong foods or sustaining an injury to the mouth.

You may also break the bracket if you brush your teeth too vigorously or in an incorrect way. Apart from these reasons, flossing your teeth roughly or even the use of a toothpick can result in breaking of the bracket.

Therefore, in addition of taking proper care for your orthodontic brackets you must know about the simple steps to rectify and fix such problem with no further complications.

Assess The Damage

The first step is to determine the damage caused to the bracket. Check if the wire is still attached with the bracket or fallen of. If it is still attached then it is best to leave it in place. You can gently press it back to its position if you see that the wire is attached and is sticking out.

Using a cotton swab for this process is recommended so that you do not damage the wire or cut your finger. To hold the broken bracket properly in place inside your mouth you can use orthodontic wax till the time you see an orthodontist. If you see that the bracket has become loose then you must remove it and take it to the orthodontist for reattachment.

Review And Take Control

You must review the state of the wires of the broken orthodontic bracket and take control according to the necessity. You can clip the protruding or overlong wires with the help of a nail clipper. Care should be taken to clip it as close to your teeth as possible.

If you find that there is any extra length of wire then you can press it back into position as well against the tooth. You must take care and remember to cover the area with wax so that it does not cut the cheeks or the inside of your mouth. All these steps will restore functionality of the broken bracket, albeit temporarily.

Take Some Interim Measures   

You may have booked an appointment with the orthodontist and have time in between during which you must take some interim measures as well. Simple steps like rinsing your mouth regularly with salt water will promote healing. You must also eat soft foods such as boiled eggs, fresh breads and yogurt so that you do not cause any further damage to the bracket. Certainly avoid hard and crunchy foods for the time being that will cause damage, sometimes irreparable, to the bracket.

It Is Not Dental Emergency

A broken bracket is certainly not a dental emergency situation even if you have sores in your mouth due to it. You can take over the counter sore soothers or even a painkiller to get some respite. Consider the condition of your mouth and the pain felt to book an appointment with the orthodontist for getting your bracket repaired.