Football & Its Impact On The Youth!

Football is indeed an amazing game and when you have the young and old involved it becomes fun and exciting. Football teams across the world are growing day by day. They are also becoming very popular in high school as well. Even companies are helping high school teams with finance and sponsorships when it comes to promoting the sport.

Jonathan Robertson is a well- known football enthusiast in North Carolina and he is the Managing Director of T G Capital. He says that high school plays a important role in the development of a young person. He is an alumni of Harvard Business School and has played soccer when he was young. The Jonathan Robertson Harvard football playing experience has driven him to help young boys excel in the sport. He gives them tips and helps them with their coaching needs.

Learning the spirit of leadership and teamwork…

When it comes to the game of football, he states that it is a game that teaches you the spirit of leadership and teamwork. These qualities are also dominant in the corporate world and when you are heading a company he says. He encourages parents and schools to allow their kids to play soccer from an early age. In this way children can stop falling prey to technology and become mentally agile and physically active.

Development of social skills and responsibility

The young today should develop social skills and responsibility. If you take a look at them today, you will find that most of them are busy with their smartphones and other tech gadgets. This of course is not a very good sign. Too much of technology can harm a child and his or her development. Football is a boon as it is not a very expensive game and can be played by anyone. When you are playing in a team, you develop the social skills that are needed for involving everyone in the game. This also makes you socially responsible as you are working with others for a bigger goal. In the game of football, all the players need to bank on one another for winning. They rejoice together in victory and mourn losses. The players have to be alert and physically agile. If the form of one player is not good, this can actually cost the whole team dear.

Physical exercise and diet should be maintained if you wish to become a very good soccer player. With the right regime, you can also be healthy for the rest of your life even if you quit soccer and join the corporate world like him, he says.

The Jonathan Robertson Harvard football experience has also taught him the importance of good coaching when it comes to the game. It is important for the players to be taught well as this will help the others understand the best when it comes to the nuances of the game. The players should not only play the game but they should understand it well. Once they understand the game of soccer they are able to make the right strikes and shots.