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Stratfor Global Intelligence is an esteemed and reputed geopolitical firm located in the USA. It is well- known for its strategic analysis and accurate forecasting to both organizations and individuals across the globe. The firm places these global events in a positive geopolitical framework so that it is able to assist customers recognize unique opportunities and understand better the international developments that are taking place across the world.

Right Decisions

The professionals at Stratfor Global Intelligence have two major service offerings. They are online subscriptions and customized consulting services for their clients. The subscribers to the online services happen to gain a complete understanding of the global events by gaining complete access to the analysis of the firm that is published 24/7. The clients of the firm also get direct access to the skilled and experienced analysts as well as to global networks. In this manner, they are able to identify how to assess geopolitical risks better, make strategic investments and also expand into regions that are challenging in nature.

The firm was established and founded by George Friedman in 1996 and it brings to its customers new approaches on how to examine the global developments that are taking place across the world. Stratfor Global Intelligence also has a global network of networking contacts and houses huge amounts of open-source information. The analysts here interpret this information by looking into the objectives of geopolitics and how these international affairs and developments affect different regions, markets and industries.

When it comes to the predictive analysis of Stratfor Global Intelligence Services, the experts here provide forecasting capabilities for over 175 nations. They have unmatched expertise in the most complex environments of the world. Their clients get access to a team of skilled, qualified and experienced experts. They provide accurate forecasting with the aid of proven geopolitical methodology. The professionals here speak 29 languages and they live in every region of the globe.

This firm is also the trusted partner of many major Fortune 500 companies, natural resource firms, financial institutions, non-profitable organizations and individuals that have a very high net worth. Stratfor Global Intelligence also has proven track records when it comes to the optimization of investment opportunities. It gives its clients live subscriber support and has no national bias or political agenda.

The firm supports major industries in the world. They include natural resources, finance, energy, higher education, aerospace and defense, natural resources, manufacturing, government, consumer products and more.Clients are able to get daily, weekly and monthly reports. The main onus of this firm is to give its clients accurate predicative analysis so that they are able to minimize the risk and take the right business development decisions.

Today, Stratfor Global Intelligence is regarded to be one of the best geopolitical firms in the world. It enjoys positive client reviews. The professional analysts here are trained and well informed with it comes to preparing reports and catering the needs to its clients. There are also premium research services provided by this firm where the trained analysts check white papers on the most challenging issues in the globe.