Get Combined With SCI AND Let Your Business Grow Continuously

A 30-years experienced professional in the Direct Response Market Industry, Robert A Klayman is the pathfinder who has established the unique methods of providing dependable and cost effective customer communication solutions to commercial business entrepreneurs.

Business Grow

Abolishing the typical call center related problems such as lack of expert manpower, fast increasing overhead and low profitability he successfully launched his proprietary technology based forward-looking concept through Secure Cell Management Inc. He is the founder and CEO of SCI a Pasadena, California based distinguished specialist call center service provider house to millions of business houses in the United States.

In the Direct Response Marketing Segment, Robert produced as well, brought in more than 100 direct response curriculum such as infomercials, promotional concepts, short commercial ads, videos aside from media advertisements equally for lead generation and sales promotion. Robert A Klayman produced his innovation GINSU Knife, a popular name to family units for more than 20 years whereas in advertisement concepts his insight and wisdom in 80s was a buzz in the American Sales promotional industry. It is said that Robert’s marketing concepts are rather ‘years ahead’ marketing ideas and if properly utilized can establish well branded to semi-branded products expansively in national and international markets. His esteemed enterprise offer the following

Call Center Services

  • Inbound/ Outbound
  • 3rd Party Verification
  • Data Entry
  • CRM
  • Fundraising
  • Surveys/ Advertisement
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales Promotion

SCI’s Amazing Personalized Services

  • Private Labeling/ branding
  • OEM Services
  • Outbound
  • SCM Platform Licensing
  • Equity Partnership
  • Consultancy

Out of its wide range of call center service two major areas are highlighted below:

when it comes to inbound and outbound services, regardless of your business activity area you are required to deal with your valued clients effectively. Considering the significance of high level communication with clients that eventually help not only in product promotion but in customer complaints/objection handling and more, all calls should be handled with great care. This needs professional well trained people who are weathered in handling consumer calls efficiently, no matter, whatsoever is its nature.

Robert Klayman and his team in SCM is quite equipped with top expert call center professionals and cable to provide both inbound as well as outbound call services. The company offers more than 800 kinds of campaigns that encompass direct response, lead generation or sales promotional activities. Robert A Klayman the leader of SCM can offer customized solutions for every type of client. No matter what is your budget, Robert can offer your fantastic ideas of outbound marketing means having been equipped with his 24 x7 hours dedicated team.

Customer Relation Management (CRM)

Even with a limited resource if you’re backed by a veteran steady and knowledgeable associate to take care of your most precious clients, your business can flourish continually without any trouble. Secure Call Management is a-like partner where each marketing professional and agent are given comprehensive training on your company profile, products and services enabling them communicate effectively with your customers. When you combine with a corporate company, you can be rest assured that ‘achievement’ is in your grip.