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While there might be flab that can be caused due to poor food choices of even poorer lifestyle choices, many times this is not the case. Fat could be accumulating for long and might become so stubborn that a few rounds of walking or even once a week sit up might not help in reducing.

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So, what should be done? It is essential to consult a doctor if you are suffering from morbid obesity. Shapeless or Plus sized clothes are not the solution if you have difficulty breathing or even climb a few steps by yourself. Many people might face risks of low back pain, acute arthritis or joint pains and even risk themselves to diabetes or high blood pressure.

Thankfully here, you have few choices these days to fight obesity and one of the most recommended or effective ways to lose flab would be with medical treatments. There are surgical and non-surgical methods of fat removal. Though till few years ago, many people used to go for spot fat reduction only, today it can be done for the whole body. The fat removal treatments are aplenty but before you book for an appointment just make sure that you are above 18 years of age and have tried to lose weight many times and failed.

Top methods of losing weight:

Here , you might go for surgical and non-surgical treatments. Even in surgical treatments, there are as less as one small incision surgery for the people to choose from losing weight. Lap bands are suitable for the people with more than 40KG/ M2-Plus or BMI of 30 KG/M2-plus. Even Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy can be picked and it is recommended that you select the best plan for your body.

However, people with other related ailments like high blood pressure or diabetes type 2 would have to consult with the doctors before choosing the same.

It has to be kept in mind that it is not just fine if you go for a treatment to remove excess fat from your body. The surgery or the non-surgical method like the SILS Lap band method might be suitable in removing the fat from your body. But after that begins the actual work for you.

You would have lost all that fat which you might have wanted to lose and now it will be your complete effort to look fit and feel healthy.

Post-surgery work and healthy habits:

It has been found that many people have not been able to maintain the fat they lost after even spending loads of money in the process. The patients would have to undergo counseling process and might have to meet the doctors and the counselors and find out the exact habits they should follow.

Habits of binge eating or excessive drinking might cause more harm than you can imagine and so just try to control the urge and get to open a new chapter of healthy life. It will be a little tough in the initial days, but this is where your choice matters the most.