Guide To Use Pregnancy Test Strips

Getting pregnant or doubts of being pregnant are extremely anxious moments and people rush to clear their doubts to get solid information of whether they are pregnant or not. In old days you will have to get an appointment with the doctor, wait for his date, give samples of urine and again wait for the results to come. The process doesn’t stop here, you will have to take the report to the doctor and get his expert opinion on the pregnancy.

Pregnancy Test StripsDo it yourself:

But the advancement in technology has made the process very easy so that you can do the test in the comfort of your house and get 99 % accurate results. It is a real busy world and you do not have time and energy to go to and see your doctor and go through all the processes and the best solution is doing the testing by yourself. You might want to do the test every month and if you depend on your doctor or the clinic to do the tests and get the report then it would be a criminal wastage of time and also money when you have an easy solution on hand. But there will always be a degree of doubt, tension and lack of doing the test by yourself and don’t worry, a solution is here for you in the form of HCG test strips that makes your pregnancy test lot easier for you.


With HCG test strips you can conveniently do the testing every month and determine whether you are pregnant or not and take an effective decision about the future proceedings. This avoids unnecessary wastage of time and relieves you of unwanted tensions. The test above all is really cost effective and the strips are available everywhere locally and could be purchased with ease. When you compare the test with that of the test carried out in the clinics the tests are relatively cheaper, consumes less time and energy and gives instant results. The pregnancy tests could be carried out at any time and at any place as per your convenience and the results could be obtained then and there.

How HCG test strips work?

The HCG test strips use a simple and effective way of checking and telling you whether you are pregnant or not very easily. To understand about its effectiveness you should first understand the underlying principle that lies in the process of testing. The egg produced in the ovary after getting fully matured travels and sits tightly in your Uterus and starts waiting for the desirable T-cell to come and contact it. When the contact is made the egg pulls the cell into it and joining and reproduction starts. During the process of multiplication of the cells a substance called lacenta is produced which secretes HCG which is later disposed through the urine. The pregnancy test strips identify and tell you the HCG content in your urine which is an indicative factor for determining pregnancy.

The presence of HCG in urine could be detected as early as two weeks from the time of fertilization. During the pregnancy period hormones secrete more and it is directly detected by the pregnancy strips.

Types of Pregnancy test strips:

There are two types of strips available in the market. One is a simple and cheaper version which changes color according to the presence of HCG and by the change in color you can even make a mighty guess about how far you have proceeded with the pregnancy. The other type of test strips available uses a digital monitor to display the results. This is a more accurate method of doing the testing. But it costs a bit more the former method. In this case the test strips after detecting the presence of HCG in urine changes color and the change in color is then converted into an electrical signal and transmitted to the display unit which has a signal receiver. The signal is received and converted into a digital display by a simple processor.

How to use the pregnancy test strips effectively?

Do not drink more water or eat food that has more water content before the test is conducted. The excess water or fluid intake would result in the dilution of HCG content in urine and getting a perfect outcome may get impaired because of it.

The best way to handle the problem is to conduct the test early in the morning. During the night hours as you are soundly asleep the internal organs work without any disturbance and the first time you urinate it will be very much concentrated with HCG which will be easily detectable.

The test has to be conducted based on the menstruation date and as the test gives accurate results there will be no need for you to see the doctor and get yourself tested in a clinic which as explained earlier will be time consuming and comparatively costly.

The pregnancy test strips are so handy and easy to use that they give the results in less than 5 minutes.

Another thing that you have to do is before you start using the strips read the instructions provided in the pack and follow exactly what that is said in the instructions. Improper usage or usage at abnormal period under unwanted circumstances like after drinking excess water will only reduce the accuracy of the test.

Consulting the Doctor:

The next important step after you find the test to be positive is to meet your family Doctor and get his advice. Since you have made the pregnancy detection all by yourself it does not mean that you could bypass your doctor. The strip test is only to ensure your pregnancy and once it is confirmed doctor’s help and advice is required to take care of you during the pregnancy. Remember that the early stage of pregnancy period is very critical. As you are detecting the pregnancy at an early stage itself you are at an advantage. Make use of that advantage by seeing and consulting your doctor immediately as prenatal care is of utmost importance to the mother and the child.