Help Hometown-Salute a Soldier’s Story hit screens

If you are yearning to get on to some social work but dissatisfied with the standard activities like visiting orphanages, old age homes or the poor, here is new way in which you can contribute to your society. You can visit the indiegogo website to know details of an indie film, Hometown-Salute a Soldier’s Story, that aims to showcase social issues like gang violence and threats to veterans. The film is in need of financial support for its production. Those interested in bringing the film to screen can donate money to Clothesline Films. The details can be seen at indiegogo.


The film focuses on the story of a soldier who returns home after a war and remains enraged over the killing of his seven year old sister. She dies during a shootout originally meant to kill him while his sister receives the bullet injuries and dies. During his course of vendetta and vengeance, he is addressed by angels who tend to calm him down and keep the demons at bay.

The film shows the central character Michael Salvado living in Paterson, New Jersey. The city is the hometown of three of the members in the production team. The film, conceptualised and being produced purely on donations has managed to gather 6333 USD to begin the production. For complete production, the team requires 32,500 USDs. The clothesline production team comes with a promise to optimally utilise the money contributed for production.

The expenses of production have been divided into Cast and crew (45%), Administration (15%), Equipment Rental (20%), Insurance (10%) and Miscellaneous (10%).

The options for contribution are not limited to financial support. You can also contribute to the production by spreading awareness on the film. This can be done using the share tool available on indiegogo. Also, those interested or equipped in production-related work, can help the crew in carrying out the production. The contributors will get on-screen credits during the screening of the film.

Those making monetary contribution to the film can get tax rebate too.

You can support this project and join them at: