How books can open the doors to your mind

Does the word transcendence ring a bell in your head? If it does you might just as well have realized by now that life is definitely not limited to what you are doing. But then what is it? According to many experts and also as per famed book critic Natalie Walet, life is a journey which has a ‘why’ behind it. And this ‘why’ is the question as to who you really are and the reason behind your existence.


It is only a single side of the coin, the concept which some people hold that life is like a river and you let yourself flow with it. The other side of the coin is that life is not what it seems and to find out what it really is, that is a real challenge and should be the mission of every individual wanting to reach a higher level of consciousness.

You might have noticed that often though something is missing, you can feel it but it is hard to point out what it exactly is. Well, this is nothing more than your sixth sense acting to make you introspect that you need to know more and only by knowing about other things and the world in general you will come to know yourself. The true you is lurking underneath there somewhere wanting to be discovered.

All you need to do is open the door for your quintessential self. It is definitely not that rare that you may have read that many great people opine that knowledge is power. And if you have always thought that just like every other things in life, this is also a overrated notion then you are utterly mistaken. In fact to sum it up, this concept can be called as that single idea which can change your world as to the way you see things and you perceive it.

When it comes to knowledge, what better source than books? According to Natalie Walet, books alone are like a self sustained dimension standing apart from the commonly talked about 3 physical dimensions. And it holds more than even one can ever think of, for it is books which teaches one to dream and think at the first place. One’s imagination can only race as far as one wants it to and sadly an individual who seldom goes through a book is not aware that there is much more to anything and everything that meets the eyes. Books are the very key to every other mystery you might have ever heard of.

Not only it helps you know things which you might want to know but reading as a habit is excellent as it also makes you aware of things which you haven’t ever put a thought behind at the first place. Therefore this way as you become more and more enriched with facts, figures and fiction, somewhere down in your subconscious memory these all are retained and will surely be used when it is necessary. One thing you should be aware of that there is no such thing, knowing which is wasting time, knowledge has always been and will be quintessential to life.