How does your office job affect your wellbeing?

Millions of people spend most parts of their lives at work, and most hours of their days in their offices. Work is important, not only does it provide you with money necessary to pay your bills and groceries, but it also gives you a chance to grow, learn about yourself, and express yourself. Sadly, there are also downsides of having an office job, as it can seriously affect your health and wellbeing.


Sleep depravation

Not all of us are ‘morning persons’, but there is a difference between being moody before having your morning coffee and suffering from severe sleep deprivation. A case study revealed that our jobs start too early, and on top of it we take our smartphones to bed and check social networks to see what is new. It all results in people getting less than 8 hours of sleep per night, and end up being cranky and with weaker immunity. Change the time you go to bed, make sure you get at least seven hours of sleep every night, and leave your phone in living room or out of reach when going to bed; it will reduce the temptation to check your Twitter and Facebook.

Eye fatigue

If your job includes spending a lot of time in front of a computer, your eyes can get tired and become red and itchy. Burning sensation in your eyes that does not stop and bothers you every day can be one of the symptoms of eye fatigue. Though it does not mean it is serious, it can lead to discomfort and double vision. To help your eyes recover after looking at screens for a long time, you can do a few simple things: wash your eyes with special fluid (not ordinary water) and do simple exercises to improve eyesight. Exercises for muscles around your eyeballs include rotating eyeballs to the left and right, and upwards and downwards too. In addition, practice focusing on different objects, some closer to you and others further, and when you feel really tired spend about five minutes gazing into a distant object 8at least a hundred feet away from you).


Back pain

In addition to being strenuous to your eyes, long hours spent sitting in front of a computer can also affect your posture and cause back pain. Luckily, this can be reduced and almost completely avoided in you only remember to lift up your monitor higher so you don’t have to look down for so long and your mouse closer to the keyboard to avoid keeping your arm and shoulder in unnatural and uncomfortable position. Sit within arm’s reach to your desk, and take small breaks every hour to stretch and walk around just a bit, states a professional chiropractor based in Sydney. If problems continue, visit your doctor and see if they should prescribe a therapy to relieve pain.

Anxiety spells

If you catch yourself avoiding to go to work, lingering in your bed, and taking a lot of days off; the stress levels at work may be too high for you to deal with alone. Try exercising your psyche a bit, meditate and try breathing exercises which will help you calm down when you’re feeling overwhelmed. You don’t have to think about quitting straightaway; try working on solution for your anxiety spells instead.

If you are happy on your job, there is nothing better in the world, and you should pursue your career and keep working. However, if you notice that something is not going well, that you are becoming more tense and nervous, and notice changes in your health, do not hesitate to make changes and as for help. After all, your health and happiness should be your number one priority.