How To Choose Top Online Backup Providers

Many of us often tend to neglect our computers when they can actually arrive at a rather fatal risk like hard disks getting corrupted, data getting formatted accidentally and natural calamities putting an end to the existence of any media or documents. Therefore backing up of data and important documents and media is vital to keep your information safe and secure and avoid any erase fatalities.


While there are many diligent individuals who keep a backup of their PC data; for many of us who do not, top online backup providers are the best solution. To choose top online backup providers there are many parameters that need to be taken under consideration. Here are some of them which need special attention.


You probably want to look for a long term solution with your top online backup provider therefore pricing plan is one thing which should be well sorted in advance. You need to know that to get your data backed up online, you have to make a subscription with the right provider of your choice. There are many vendors who will give lucrative deals and discounts to attract customers. The pricing plans vary from vendor to vendor with some giving you a monthly subscription option while others providing you with annual, semiannual, two yearly and quarterly plans. There are also options to cover multiple PCs or a single one within the same price range. There are few vendors who have unlimited PC coverage plans so you first need to know your business requirements to choose a pricing plan to best suit your online backup needs.

Data Security 

There a lot of vendors who use encryptions which are very strong acting to secure your data before backing them up in their server. Therefore, how the encryption occurs is where the differentiation lies. While some of the top online backup providers give you sole authority and access to password which remains entirely with you, there are others who give you a different encryption password (not your main account password) which will provide you with the necessary access and authority. The glitch lays in the fact that if in case you accidentally forget your password, not even your provider can help you with the access. Therefore, your files cannot be decrypted and even the laws would forbid them to do so.

Restoration Options

When choosing from the top online backup providers you must look for folder and file restoration solutions which your vendor has to offer, without which your data may be in serious threat of permanent loss. Many providers offer search tool services which can help you locate and restore old deleted files or a particular file which has been backed up by you. Also, if you want to duplicate data, your provider should be able to provide you with a suitable option or solution.

Therefore, when you try to choose from top online backup providers to secure your PC data take the abovementioned points under consideration while looking for the right provider. Once all your requirements are sorted, you will see that finding the best service is not that daunting a task!