How to Download YouTube Playlist to MP3?

How to download your favourite playlist from YouTube? This might be a wandering question if you are a lover of YouTube videos and also wish to create a copy of your playlist in your personal storage device.

If you are on the lookout for videos that can help you with downloading videos and music to your Windows or Mac storage, then YouTube Downloader is here to help you out.

This YouTube downloader is developed by DVDVideoSoft and this application can be downloaded to your storage space.

Once DVDVideoSoft download is complete, you can go ahead with downloading videos from your YouTube playlist by simple copy and paste job.

All you need to do is to copy the URL’s of your favourite videos and paste them in the downloader. The benefit of using DVDVideoSoft is that you can download any number of videos in a single point of time instead of going one by one.

With the DVDVideoSoft in your Windows or Mac you gain the benefit of converting YouTube Playlist to MP3 along with the following advantages:

Saves time and efforts: With DVDVideoSoft and YouTube downloader in your storage space you are relieved of the tedious job of copy and paste of each URL.

Instead of spending hours on downloading you can now just paste all URL together and then click on download button. Now you can enjoy various videos in your personal storage with minimal efforts.

How to download videos with the help of DVDVideoSoft

  • First install the free YouTube downloader to your Windows or Mac
  • Now go to YouTube and copy URL from the video which you wish to download
  • Once this is complete, get into the application and paste the URL in space provided
  • Click on Download button and enjoy your favourite video in your personal storage space

Alternately, you can also create a playlist of your choice and then download all the videos in your playlist in one go.