Impact and Importance of Designing of a Business Card

A business card is a very important aspect in communication. The company structure, its services, its values and ethos is reflected in this communication. A first impression is created by a business card. Therefore, a business card has to be crafted very carefully.

business-cardThe quality of the paper, design, colour scheme of the card all conveys the value and the business of the company. It should be appealing enough for the receiver to wish to hold on to the card, long after the meeting is over. The impact of the card should be long lasting.

Therefore, a designer should be involved in business card making. Also, business card dimensions inches need to be looked into carefully while selecting a card, as it would depend on the nature of the business and of the company.

Requirements while selecting a card

Material and quality of the card – Depending on the budget and the nature of the business, the card material should be selected. The material should have a weight of its own and not too thin. If the budget permits, you can opt for handmade paper for a sophisticated look. Sometimes, even laminated silk is used as the material. However, the material should be printable. Such materials cannot be used which cannot be printed. Also, the material should be able to withstand colour. While selecting the material, business card dimensions inches should also be considered.

Design of the card – The card design is the most important aspect, as this would entirely depend on the nature of the business and of the company. For example, a bakery shop can have pictures of fresh bread, cakes etc while a wedding planner can add a bit of glamour to the card. The card design must take into consideration business card dimension inches. The design should be in synchronization with the business of the company and not be out of place. A makeup artist can add a bit of creativity to the card.

The size of the card is also of importance, as the card cannot be too small or too big. It has to be of the right size. The standard business card size is 3.5 inches X 2 inches. Sometimes, the card bleeds, so some space has to be left in case of bleeding. 1/8 inch should be left after the design as part of business card dimension inches. This will give a neat look to the card. You can check out with 55 printing and get the cards designed and printed so as to make things easy and affordable for yourself.