Information that will help you know about Wimbledon Matches

Wimbledon Matches or simply called Wimbledon is the oldest and internationally famous tennis tournament. It is a unique form of tennis which is highly admired all around the world. It has many unique and major qualities which made this sport famous all around the world.

The Wimbledon championships were first held in London in 1877 in the England club. While the other forms of tennis have been moved to the hard court plays but the Wimbledon is the only kind of tennis which is still being played on grass just like it has always been.

Wimbledon MatchesThis game was originally played on the grasses and that is why it was named lawn tennis and this feature of Wimbledon was highly appreciated that it could never be changed. The Wimbledon Matches tournament is played in the late June and in the early July. This tournament held five events every year which are watched by the people all around the world. And it also achieves the international live viewership every year. If you are keen enough, here you can get more information on top 5 Wimbledon matches.

Most important thing about this sport is that this is preferred by the people of all ages and there are so many amazing grass courts which make the play time even more interesting for viewers as well as for players. Additionally, the dress code of the competitors in Wimbledon Matches are highly appreciative because this sport follow strict dress code tradition which makes the play time even more enjoying and entertaining as well!