Jeffrey Glassman MA Working Tirelessly To Assist Motorcycle Accident Victims

According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an approximate 4000 people lost their lives in motorcycle crashes in 2014. Clearly, the incidents of motorcycle accidents are on a rising spree. The US government is taking all possible measures to create awareness among motorcyclists, but what about them who become a victim of such accidents. In the city of Massachusetts, most motorcycle accidents are due to either over speeding or due to some other reasons. However, most accident victims never approach a lawyer or the court as legal matters are always complex.

Motorcycle Accident

They have absolutely no clue of what is tort threshold. They are unaware of how much it can be of some importance to make claims for damages. In such a scenario, the best thing is to meet an attorney who has years of valuable experience in handling such accident cases. With its office in Boston, the law firm of Jeffrey Glassman MA has many attorneys who have the same experience.

They are not greedy at all and offer a free consultation to all clients.An accomplished attorney Jeffrey Glassman who has over two decades of experience founds the firm and since then, the firm has been ably assisting motorcycle victims to get adequate claims. Jeffrey Glassman is himself quite a reputed personal injury attorney in the Massachusetts and is known for his honest and caring nature.

Consult an attorney immediately after a motorcycle accident

Dealing with a motorcycle accident can be extremely taxing, but it is essential to check for any injuries first, and then getting out of the road as soon as possible. It is best to call an ambulance and cops. Many even do not choose to report the matter to the cops in fear of legal hassles. Moreover, in Massachusetts, one cannot ask for compensation until he or she achieved a tort threshold which means a broken bone, an eye injury (permanent), an injury causing a disfiguring scar, hearing damage (permanent) or medical bills exceeding a total of above $2,000.

So, the best course of action is to consult an experienced personal injury attorney immediately to know about the possibility of any such claim. It is also a best practice to ref/rain from signing any paper given by the other party who has caused the accident. They will always try to persuade the victim to settle the case by giving a small amount, which often proves inadequate for the medical expenses or injuries.

In short, do not take motorcycle accidents lightly. Do not continue to suffer in silence, as this is no good to compensate the damages like severe lacerations, bruises, and cuts, fractured bones, facial injuries, brain injuries and much more. Even if it is a car accident, truck accident or a bicycle accident, discussing the entire case with a proficient attorney will always help to get adequate compensation. Jeffrey Glassman MA and his firm are always there to assist such clients with all dedication and honesty. He is also actively engaged in multiple philanthropic activities.