Join An Axe Throwing League For The Fun You Crave

Do you work hard at your job all week and want a way to unwind, hang out with fun people, and learn a new skill? If so, join an axe throwing league. You won’t regret it. Never heard of an axe throwing league? That’s because they started out as an underground, or rather, a backyard phenomenon that has started to become known as a legitimate pastime with leagues starting to sprout up in Canadian cities, such as London, Ontario, over the last few years.

axe throwing

Axe throwing as a semi-competitive pastime has been around for as long as axes have, which is a pretty long time! However, until recently, it was usually a pastime for people who live in rural areas. For obvious reasons, people living in rural settings tend to have more uses for axes, like felling trees, clearing brush, or chopping firewood. Axe throwing leagues have sprouted up as a response to increasing urban populations and an anxiety about losing our touch with the land and our roots in rural living.

Some of the first axe throwing leagues started in someone’s backyard. Friends would get together after work or on the weekends, bring their favorite short handle or long handle axe, have a few drinks and take turns throwing it at a target. As the leagues became more popular, these axe throwing enthusiasts developed their skills, and decided to pass on their knowledge and the pure joy of axe throwing to bigger groups of people.

BATL is one such axe throwing league that started out in someone’s backyard. Now it has 8 locations across Canada, including London, all with regular league meets, special events, and are bookable for private axe throwing parties. Visit for more info.

Axe throwing leagues and axe throwing parties have all the fun and excitement of a backyard meet up, plus more. With bigger facilities these parties and leagues are safer and can be staffed by experts at the craft. They’re great places to meet people and hone your skills in a safe, fun and respectful environment. You can even consume alcohol at an axe throwing league or party, as long as they aren’t in glass bottles.

So, if you’re looking for a weekly hangout, a way to meet cool people and get back to your roots, check out an axe throwing league, or book you and your friends an axe throwing party, you’ll be hooked from the first throw.