Kickstarter Project For A Film To Help Show Support For The Abused

This Kickstarter project is for a film that will help people who are dealing with abuse. The film is based off of a man’s own story, and he has written the film in the hope that it will be able to help others. He is all ready with the cast, crew and everything else that he needs to get going with the film, but he just needs some money to really get it going. He needs some support from people who believe in him and what he is trying to do, so that he can get this film out there for people to see.


This man has already written a book that tells the story of his life and how things changed from the time that he was a little boy with this dad supporting him, to the time when he was a young man and his dad had put a bullet in his own head, and the film is sure to be inspirational. He hopes that he will be able to make this happen, and that it may even be able to touch the lives of many. He is a man who does not give up easily, and he is hoping to make this a success.

Everyone who feels a passion for the abused, or who has been abused themselves and doesn’t want to see that happening for others, should give this project their support. This man is talented, and he wants to use those talents for good. He has an emotional life story, and he wants to be able to share that story with the world, so that good can come from the pain that he has gone through. When someone supports this Kickstarter project, they can know that they are doing a very good thing for all of those who are, or who have been, abused.

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