King Kong: Skull Island

The novel, King Kong: Skull Island is an authorized sequel of King Kong that was published and released to the public by DH Press. The novel dwells much on the story of Skull Island with Carl Denham and Jack Driscoll in the late 1950’s. In addition, the novel is based on the events happening during the era where scientists were conducting experiments on animals. For King Kong, the gorilla, he happens to be a specimen in a scientific experiment being conducted on Skull Island by Professor Steiner and his wife.

King kong book

Skull Island, is located off the very unique coast of Sumatra. Its name is derived from a distinctive rocky knoll in the center of the island that looks like a human skull. It is a deserted island that finally ends up being the home of prehistoric creatures and a large gorilla, Kong and it proves to be quite a home for the king.

The novel tries to bring out the original setting of Skull Island. It describes the original natives of the island, Kong and his enemies and the strange assortment of creatures like dinosaurs, insects, large lizards and the aquatic life of the Island. In addition, it describes the characters who are involved in driving Kong off the island. This gives a reader the perfect idea of what Skull Island looks like.

The novel is fun to read in the first place. Its cover is jungle green, with a gold text, The World of King Kong: The Story of Skull Island. On top of this, it has the image of Kong.

DrawbackThe downside of the story is that the novel does not fully bring out the hero in Kong. Towards the end of the story, the book bring out numerous dinosaurs and bugs that invade the Skull Island. This isn’t the long run relegates Kong from being a hero.

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