Know How To Serve Your Pet Tadpoles

Tadpoles are the larval stage of a frog or toad. They are the young amphibians found in the water or some are terrestrial. Tadpoles are the most favorite pet of all time even sometimes more favorite than gold fishes. Raising tadpole is very interesting and easy too. It is very educational in the sense of nurturing the pets in the future.

Pet TadpolesIf you wish you may encourage your children to let the tadpoles bring at home and raise them. Before deciding to raise tadpoles in your home, you need to know what tadpoles eat. Tadpoles eat so many thingsĀ  ranging from algae to micro plants and it depends upon the various types of species.

First you need to bring a good specious container which you need to keep under the shade. Make sure that there is no poisonous plant like pine, oleanders around the container. You need to use fresh tap water and keep the container of tadpole exposed in the sunlight for 5-7 days. If your children handle it they may have asked you what tadpoles eat?

So make them learn about it. When tadpoles are in the captivity, they eat lettuce, egg yolk and many more baby foods. But they love to eat spinach and lettuce very much. What do tadpoles eatĀ is a very common question when you are going to keep the tadpoles in your captivity. You should know that before hatching they prefer to eat the yolk sack of their own. After few days when their gills are being hatched, they prefer to become vegetarian. When their back legs are developing they become the carnivorous.

That time they prefer to eat small insects and larvae. If the tadpoles are not provided enough feed at that time, their tendency will be to eat other tadpoles. Make sure that you are keeping refreshing and changing the water of the container. Otherwise water will be polluted and your tadpoles may die even.

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