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Subsequent to the successful completion of his bachelor’s degree with major in economics from the Brown University in the year 1999, Jon Bourbeau, the New England resident planned to begin his profession career. To begin with, he served few some companies related to financial product, investment market apart from education. Later, he left for Miami to join an upcoming real estate company.

American Commercial Realty Industry

The great challenges, competition and fast growing approach of real estate industry, in no time, won his youthful mind and that made him decide to make a flourishing career in this industry only. Shortly, his marketing skills, techniques to solve and close major real estate deals, in addition to his popularity to clients, for his supportive attitude, Jon became a ‘talk’ in the American realty industry.

The Miami based globally acknowledged real estate corporate enterprise Newmark Grubb Knight Frank didn’t make mistake to hire an extremely connoisseur realty professional like Jon. He was hired by the group initially to perform in its senior grade management level. However, it took only four years time for Jon Bourbeau to occupy the chair of Vice President in NGKF. Needless to say, joining a major group like NGKF helped Jon a big way to get pleasure out of most challenging deals in real estate industry. According to Jon, a-34 year new generation go getting realty personality, that finding out correct solutions for complex property management related deals and accomplishments thereafter, offers him a different kind of mind satisfaction.

In fact, while working with NGKF group, Jon has successfully undergone some major projects. Among them, the notable one is his formation of Pacer Partners group, an associate company of NGKF, specializing on leasehold properties, acquisition, capital markets, aside from property management and custom-made advisory.

The project led by Jon with a team of highly expert and dynamic group of professionals. Jon Bourbeau has been recognized in the American real estate market subsequent to his effective completion of the major construction project valued over $4 billion with great competency. In addition, he also handled another long time pending project of NGKF worth of $1.5 billion. Aside from this, he has also accompanied the IT Corporate Sapient Enterprise in completing their project in Mayfair (55,000 Sq ft of commercial area).

Backed by all these achievements he has been awarded by the NAIOP association as ‘Broker of the year 2012’ and subsequently as ‘one of the top Hitters award’. This award is offered by the South Florida Chapter of NAIOP. For his immense achievements, Jon has received a number of awards other than the above. Some of them include Power Broker; Power Leader; 40 under 40 and more.

Despite being a hectic real estate professional Jon is fond of writing different subjects and articles focusing his loving real estate industry. For those interested to know anything about the property management field, can go through Jon’s writings in Walls Magazine as well as social media sites. To know more or to contact Jon Bourbeau, one can find him in major social media sites.